MoFAD At-a-glance






The 2014-2017 Sector Medium Term Development Plan  (SMTDP) of the Ministry of Fisheries and Aquaculture Development (MOFAD) focuses on the implementation of development interventions that are intended to drive the fisheries sector and industry to contribute more effectively to the overall development of Ghana.


The Plan serves as a sector specific development compass that directs/guides the operations of the Ministry, the private sector (fisheries industry players), and collaborating agencies in the development of the fisheries sector. It is also a “medium term road map” that is intended to guide Government investment and Development Partner support to revamp the fisheries sector for 2014-2017 and beyond. The overall goal of this Plan is to consolidate the sector gains made for the period 2010-2013, and accelerate the contribution of the fisheries sector to national development through the implementation of target-specific and growth inducing strategies and interventions.


Sector Goal

The goal of MOFAD is promotion of accelerated Fisheries Sector Development as a viable economic segment that will contribute to the overall development of Ghana in line with Medium to Long term National Development Policy Frameworks.


The main objective of the Plan is to enhance operational effectiveness and efficiency of MOFAD and all Plan implementing partners towards the achievement of stated sector policy objectives and time-bound targets, output and outcomes of the fisheries sector that are in line with the overall medium term development Goals and policy objectives of the Ghana Shared Growth and Development Agenda (GSGDA II).

Policy base

The Plan derives its policy base from the thematic focus areas and broad policy objectives and strategies of GSGDA II that are relevant to the mandate and functions of MOFAD. It is also informed by the Ghana National Aquaculture Development Plan (GNADP) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture (2012-2016), the Sustainable Marine Resource Management Framework of MOFAD (2015-2019), Government medium to long term National Development Policy initiatives, and Research works on Topical Issues relating to accelerated transformation of the aggregate economy of Ghana and the fisheries sector in particular. In this way, the Plan harmonizes Government priority development policies that underpin the growth potentials of the fisheries sector and industry into a coherent and integrated set of development interventions for implementation. It adopted ten (10) Key sector specific Development Issues, five (5) core Policy objectives, and twelve (12) strategies from GSGDA II and translated them into a fisheries sector POLICY RESULTS MATRIX for implementation.

The GNAP is a derivative of the Food and Agriculture Sector Development Policy (FASDEP II), and the Medium-Term Agriculture Sector Investment Plan (METASIP)………………Read More!!!