National Premix Secretariat

The National Premix Committee (NPC) was established by the government in July 2009 to oversee the administration and distribution of premix fuel, a heavily subsidized petroleum product.

Landing Beach Committees (LBCs) were formed at the various landing beaches to empower the fishermen to run premix fuel stations at the landing beaches. Each LBC was required to select an Oil Marketing Company to supply them with premix fuel. Proceeds from the sale of premix fuel at the landing beaches are to be used in developing the fishing communities.

A National Premix Secretariat (NPS) was established to service the NPC. The allocation and distribution of premix fuel is done by the NPS. Weekly requests for the distribution of premix fuel are sent to the Tema Oil Refinery (TOR). TOR blends and loads the product into tankers of the assigned Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) for distribution to the various Landing Beach Committees.


The NPC’s mandate is to oversee the efficient and effective administration and distribution of premix fuel. Since premix fuel is highly subsidized by the government, the NPC ensures that monitoring is enforced to avoid diversion. The NPC also ensures that the proceeds from the sale of premix fuel are being used to develop the fishing communities. Diverse developmental projects were undertaken by majority of the LBCs.