Post-Harvest Unit

Post-harvest fisheries is defined as what culminates into activities, processes, and steps after harvesting, handling, processing, distributing, marketing, and consumption.

Post-harvest fisheries is considered a critical sub-sector and plays a very significant role in contributing to national food and nutrition security, livelihood of the people, and the national economy.

All activities within the post-harvest sector can be grouped under three main sections. These are:

  1. Fish processing and improved technology.

  2. Fish inspection, safety control, and quality assurance

  3. Value Chain Analysis


Client Requirement

Time line

Inspection of fishing vessels to check compliance with hygienic conditions for handling fish

Application for sanitary inspection and during registration

1 day

Inspection of fish at landing sites

By fisheries officers at the landing site office


Inspection of ice plants to ensure compliance with hygienic standards related to water in contact with fish

Application for sanitary inspection

1 day

Inspection of processing establishment

Application for approval, routine inspections, and annual inspections

1 week

Inspection of final product for export

Request for approval

1 day

Introduce improved technology to fishermen to help them handle the raw product at sea, e.g. insulated ice boxes

Sensitization by Fisheries Commission

1 day

Introduce improved processing technology to women processors and exporters

Request for improved technology

1 day

Sensitization on value-added products

Request for improved processing technology

1 day

Sensitization on the formation of fish processors and traders groups

Request by fish processor and trader groups

1 day

Mobilization of processor groups to assess credit

Request to participate in credit scheme by processor groups

1 day

Enhancement of livelihoods of fisher folks in the post-harvest sector

Request from groups

1 day