Projects Office

The Projects Office of the Administrative and Operations Division was instituted in 2013 by the Director of Fisheries Commission for the primary purpose of facilitating and coordinating the implementation of projects and programs in the Fisheries Commission. Using the tools of planning,

consultations, monitoring, and evaluation, the Project Unit assists the Project Management Team to achieve their deliverables in effective, efficient ways and with economy.

It is the duty of the Projects Unit to ensure harmonization between the routine non-project deliverables as against the time-based deliverables of the project initiatives so as to assure the achievement of organizational policy objectives.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the Director of Fisheries Commission in meeting the institutional needs of ongoing projects

  • Monitoring of projects: project implementation reports

  • Coordinate projects report writing

  • Documentation of information on projects

  • Participate in development of special projects and programmes

  • Review reports

  • Participate in the development and issuance of project policies and procedures

  • Coordinate the preparation of annual project budgets

  • Assist in work planning and agreement processing

  • Evaluation of EOIs and proposals

  • Attending project implementation review meetings

  • Custody of fiduciary and technical reports on projects

  • Advisement on progress of project implementation

  • Attending constructional projects site meetings

  • Proposals development

  • Advocacy

  • Site visits

  • Events management

  • Other general administrative duties involving investigations, surveys, any other programs inter- and intra-organizational national, regional, and global signi´Čücance and related issues

  • Development of short, medium, long and perspective project proposals in converting the GNASDEP into project proposals and attracting donor support for implementation.