Inland Fisheries Management Division

The Inland Fisheries Management Division has two units, namely Inland Fisheries and Aquaculture Development.

General activities undertaken by the Inland Fisheries Management Division are:

a. Aquaculture Development:

The activities of the Division under Aquaculture Development include:

  1. Development of fish farmers’ organizations;

  2. Extension delivery to fish farmers;

  3. Training of fish farmers and other stakeholders;

  4. Production of fingerlings from two public hatcheries for sale to fish farmers

  5. Undertaking demonstrations, adaptive trials, field days, farmer field schools on proven technologies for staff and fish farmers;

  6. Organization of study tours for staff and stakeholders;

  7. Monitoring of aquaculture activities in the regions and zones;

  8. Issuance of various aquaculture and aquaculture-related permits; and

  9. Collaborating with local, regional, and international bodies in the development of aquaculture.

b. Inland Fisheries:

In Inland fisheries, the activities of the Division include:

  1. Collection of data for the formulation of policies

  2. Undertaking education for fishers and processors on laws and regulations

  3. Promoting responsible fishing practices on the water bodies to ensure sustainable fisheries development

  4. Coordinating the registration and licensing of all operators in the inland fisheries of the country

  5. Monitoring the implementation of programmes and projects in the regions and zones

  6. Promoting co-management of resources with the operators

  7. Training of staff in fish management practices

  8. Training of fish processors in post-harvest fish management and technologies

Technical Services:

At the regional and zonal levels: Site inspection, site selection, pond layout design, supervision of pond costruction (mechanical and manual), pond conditioning, pond stocking, harvesting

At the zonal level: sampling of ponds, water quality moitoring

At the two public hatcheries (i. e., the Ashiaman Aquaculture Demonstration Centre and the Pilot Aquaculture Demonstration Centre): Sale of fingerlings